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Gerd's AVR simulator

AVR assembler simulator for the stepwise execution of assembler source code - with many extras.

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1 Description

  1. Simple handling, no extended learning phase required,
  2. Works under Windows and Linux, 64-bit executables downloadable,
  3. Lazarus-Pascal source code available for free for own modifications,
  4. Editor for modifying of the assembler source code with several helpful features,


  5. Display of header symbols, ports and interrupts of the applied AVR type,

    Port view>
    <br clear=
  6. Display of the hardware configuration for PDIP-/SOIC- and QFN-packages,

    Device view

  7. Insert the hardware into the source code by simply typing F2:

    Hardware as ASCII, PDIP Hardware as ASCII, TQFN
  8. Internal assembler gavrasm for quick modification and assembling of code,

    gavrasm assembler
  9. Comfortable setting and clearing of breakpoints, storing and loading of breakpoints,
  10. Control of the simulation in a simulator window,


  11. Simple overview over I/O ports and timer,

    Port/Timer view

  12. Display of SRAM content,

    SRAM view

  13. Display of EEPROM content as well as correct Write and Read operations

    EEPROM view

  14. Display, simulation and manipulation of AD conversion channels of the device including a comfortable tool to design a 12/16 key input field with a resistor matrix as voltage input to ADC channels,

    ADC and resistor matrix

  15. Configurable four-channel scope for displaying polarity changes on output compare pins or on any available I/O pin of the device

    Scope Output Compare Scope I/O pin

    as well as of R/2R analog values on ports with configurable resolution and in up to four different channels simultanously in selectable colours

    Scope analog values Multiple channel scope

2 Download

2.1 The latest version

Version 1.5 of the software upgrades the internal assembler gavrasm from version 4.1 to 4.2, improves the handling of breakpoints and corrects several minor errors in previous versions.

2.2 Lazarus Pascal source code

The source code is written in Pascal and compiles with Lazarus. A Windows and Linux version of the source code are provided.

2.3 Executables

Executable 64-bit versions are available for Windows and for Linux. The Windows executable is available in a short version and in a debug version (with range checking features enabled).

2.4 Handbook for use

The handbooks for the different versions are available in English and in German language. It holds relevant information for installing avr_sim, for compiling of the program with Lazarus and describes all features provided.

2.5 All available versions

VersionPublication date Executables Source codeHandbooks
Win64Win64-DebugLin64WindowsLinux ENDE
1.525.03.2019 Link Link Link Link Link Link Link
1.428.12.2018 Link Link Link Link Link Link Link
1.329.09.2018 Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link (Unavailable) Link Link Link
0.927.02.2018 (Unavailable)

3 Error reports

Due to the enormeous complexity of the task (the devellopment of the AVRs took two decades and the internals of an AT90S1200 differ widely from those of an ATtiny814 or an ATmega324) it cannot be avoided that there are still bugs and missing features in that software. It would overstrain me to test more than 100 AVR types and their more than a douzend hardware features. If you find errors or you miss features of a certain type, please send me a note (if possible including source code), my email address is on the title page of the handbooks. I'd like to repair those errors as I have enough time to do that (I am retired). In that way I can improve the software. Thanks for each hint ...

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