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Source code for learning microcontroller techniques

Links to all source code files of this course

File nameDescription of taskDevice
2_Led_On.asmSwitch a LED on with an ATtiny13ATtiny13
2_LED_On_notepad.asm switch a LED on with Notepad editATtiny13
3_Led_Blink.asmBlinking a LED in one second with an ATtiny13ATtiny13
3_Led_Blink_Fast.asmTo blink a LED fast with an ATtiny13ATtiny13
4_Blink_128kcs.asmBlink LED with timer at 128 kcs clockATtiny13
4_Led_Blink_timer.asmLED blinker with 300 kcs/s and CTCATtiny13
4_Timer_Blink.asmTimer to blink a LEDATtiny13
5_fast_pwm.asmPWM control of a LED in Fast modeATtiny13
6_tc0_int_compA.asmTimer with COMP-A-InterruptATtiny13
6_tc0_o_int.asmTimer with Overflow interruptATtiny13
7_Key_Int.asmKey with INT0 interruptATtiny13
8_IntensityRegulator_1.asmLED intensity regulator with poti and ADCATtiny13
8_IntensityRegulator_2.asmLED intensity regulator red/green with ADC and keyATtiny13
8_IntensityRegulator_3.asmLED intensity control red/green up/downATtiny13
8_IntensityRegulator_4.asmDuo-LED in push-pull ATtiny13ATtiny13
9_audiogenerator_1.asmAudio generator with key and tone regulatorATtiny13
9_audiogenerator_2.asmGamut tones with a potentiometer on an ATtiny13ATtiny13
9_audiogenerator_3.asmTo play a melody with an ATtiny13ATtiny13
10_Lcd-Display_1.asmLCD-Display 4*20 on an ATtiny24, 4 bit interfaceATtiny24
10_Lcd-Display_2.asmLCD display 4*20 on ATtiny24, 4 bit interface with busyATtiny24
10_Lcd-Display_3.asmLCD display 4*20 on ATtiny24/4 bit/busy/arrowsATtiny24
11_Eeprom_1.asmRead and write EEPROM of an ATtiny24 and a 4 line LCDATtiny24
11_Eeprom_2.asmTo read and write an EEPROM word and a message on LCDATtiny24
12_IR-Rx_1.asmIR receiver with ATtiny24 and LCD to measure header durationsATtiny24
12_IR-Rx_1a.asmIR receiver with ATtiny24 and LCD to measure signal numbersATtiny24
12_IR-Rx_1b.asmIR receiver with ATtiny24 and LCD to examine bitsATtiny24
12_IR-Rx_1c.asmIR receiver with ATtiny24 and LCD for burst analysisATtiny24
12_IR-Rx_Analog.asmIR receiver with ATtiny24 and LCD for analog valuesATtiny24
12_IR-Rx_Switch.asmIR receiver and 3-channel switch with tn13/24ATtiny24
12_IR-Tx.asmIR transmitter 40 kcs/s with an ATtiny13ATtiny13
12_IR-Tx_Analog.asmIR transmit an analog value with 40 kcs/s on an ATtiny13ATtiny13
13_F-L-Meter.asmDigital/analog frequency counter and inductivity measurementATtiny24
13_F-Meter_1.asmFrequency counting of digital signals with ATtiny24/LCDATtiny24
13_F-Meter_2.asmFrequency meter analog and digital with ATtiny24/LCDATtiny24
14_U-I-Meter.asmTo measure and display voltage and currentATtiny24
14_U-I-T-Meter.asmVoltage, current and temperature measurementATtiny24
14_U-Meter.asmMeasuring voltages with an ATtiny24ATtiny24

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