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IR-Remote-Control with AVR processors

The living room of the modern, technology-friendly guy is the home of douzends of small boxes. Each one of those boxes offers full control over a specific device without leaving the sofa - assumed that the box is within the operating distance to the couch cowboy and is not under control of a hostile roommate.

The innovative design of universal remote control boxes was a necessary step. If you have enough time and nerves to teach this universal box all your 283 combinations to control your special devices or if you can get the four digit hex code for your TV device back from the Eightees, you're lucky. If not: tough luck.

This page now offers relief: it shows how to copy-and-paste the code of any remote control device, to build-up an individual additional box, to program it exactly with your desired combinations, to control all your devices in the living room and even to overturn attacks of your roommate against your favored TV show.

These pages demonstrate how to, with AVR processors, A warning: these pages are not recommended for beginners in assembly programming! Adapting these projects to your own needs requires advanced knowledge and experience in assembly programming, the do-it-yourself projects require knowledge in soldering and electronics.

If you want to learn more on infrared signals, including in-depth assembler, go to the microcontroller beginner course here. There, you'll find another application on how to use any existing IR transmitter to teach an IR receiver with an ATtiny13 or an ATtiny24 (with an LCD) to switch up to three channels on and off (direct link to this part: here).

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