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Beginner's introduction to AVR assembler language

Warning against assembler language's addiction!

Each package of anyting has a warning nowadays. Sweets warn against dental caries, cigarettes against impotence, and all warn children from eating plastic bags to prevent from suffocation. Lawyers grin: they always knew that their job is the most, most, most significant in the whole wide world.

Now also here: I warn you to not touch assembler. Stay with what you are familiar with, such as Java, C or HTML, but keep your fingers away from this damned assembly language. From this old-fashioned stuff you get the following:

Hands off!

Therefore this warning: keep your hands and your head off of assembly! Addicted persons report that all started with a few lines of inline-assembly, just to speed up the operating system a little bit. In short time that ended with three Interrupt Service Routines at once in assembler. And that the feeling whether the routines were in C or in assembler faded very fastly. And, without realizing it, you were into your first assembly program, and it worked smoothly and perfect.

So better keep away from anything that looks like assembly or you'll risk getting freaky over it.

And: the addicted do not find their way out of it any more. Always that they hear "Electronics" they start their mystery tour: "Can't we do it with a micro, nicer and more elegant?" And: "You'll need a 256-bit shift register? Take an ATtiny13 or even an ATtiny10, those have enough SRAM!" And they are immediately back on the drug: they sit down for two minutes, type strange abbreviations into their laptop such as LSL and ROL, are done within two minutes, and the controller delays a bit pattern (on input PB0, shifted by pulses on PB1) by 256 and replays it 256 pulses later (why can't we paint a bit red?). And the addicted still thinks "That was much quicker than searching on the internet for a lib". And he does not realize that he is again on the drug.


Keep your hands and head off of assembly. Once addicted to it, you'll never come back again. Each drug carreer started with a few lines of code, and immediately you are fully addicted to this drug.

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