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External RAM Tutorial for learning the assembly language of
AVR-Single-Chip-Processor AT90Sxxxx
of ATMEL by programming examples.
Hardware on the STK board
(Click the links on the *.asm-files together with the shift key, if you want to download them.)
KEYS KEYS Read the keys of a 16-key keypad attached to the AVR, with pull-up resistors, decode and display pressed keys on the LEDs
EEPROM EEPROM Read and Write the EEPROM. During programming the chip a counter value in the EEPROM is set to zero. During every restart of the board hardware this counter value is read, increased, written back to the EEPROM and its value is displayed on the eight LEDS of the board. Please note that error messages during verification after programming of the chip will occur and read the hints at the end of the program file.
RAM RAM Tests external RAM on board of the STK-200. Counts RAM-positions by writing hex AA und 55 in the RAM positions, verifies their content and displays the the MSB of the last RAM adress found ok on the LEDs of the board.
LCD LCD Clears the LCD-Display and writes a test-text to line 1 and 2 of the LCD display. Die required LCD-basic-routines are written in a separate Include-file, so you can use this include-file for your own purposes.
SIO SIO Sends a message text on the serial interface with 9k6 8N1 and then echoes incoming characters. For the setup of the hardware and the terminal program see the file TESTSIO.txt!
SIO SIO Similiar: Receives characters over the serial interface with 9k6 8N1 and echoes their hexadecimal codes back. Hardware and terminal program hints are also found at this link!
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